Are you aware that reproduction, avoid any snails one to reproduce themselves (don’t require a mate – asexually)

Are you aware that reproduction, avoid any snails one to reproduce themselves (don’t require a mate – asexually)

My tank might have been unused for too much time and I am thinking away from creating it once more and receiving some new fish. Really don’t remember the accurate dimensions but it’s somewhere within 31 and you may forty gallons.

The plan is to try to rating a male betta, some panda cory, coolie loaches and several sort of appropriate education fish

I will not manage to reproduce people betta food in the some other container, very I’m thinking if it is you are able to to save some type off shrimp or similar (as restaurants) in identical tank since the betta. The concept would be that they reproduce from the plants and you can the brand new betta (or any other fish) perform eat him or her and keep the brand new quantity down. Needless to say, this will not be its merely dinner.

You will never manage to effortlessly do you to definitely quantity of an ecosystem in my opinion. The fresh new betta and you will/or any other fish do consume people source of dinner to fatigue before any quantity of decent breeding is actually allowed. You would have to keep an alternative breeding/food tank.

I enjoy the new informative web site right here getting bettas, many thanks and you may well said. I now have a beneficial 5 gallon blocked & heated tank having a male Crowntail betta (name’s Tatsu) and you may a male Gold Claw Fiddler and you can am trying start one minute 5 girl container for the next men betta however, different tank companion. We first desired an excellent crawfish up until Used to do the analysis from the you to, yikes, there’s nothing going to be secure around those individuals! Website and you will info keeps me bending toward a beneficial snail today, it sound pretty chill, but I have read you to snails is also multiply unmanageable and you will I want to end you to headache if possible! Was snails capable of producing kids all on their own otherwise is that merely certain kinds of snails? Maybe they truly are expecting whenever bought? Plus, is the Mystery Snail the only style of snail that’s secure becoming on the betta? Thanks a lot once again when it comes down to almost every other high betta details you really have right here, I love to understand in so far as i can also be! Bookmarked…

Thank-you Eric, so there are many different distinctions of snails which can be ok to live on which have an excellent betta. Another snail Everyone loves is the black racer snail. He’s quicker than just apple/puzzle snails consequently they are hardier and you may live stretched.

I have an excellent ten gallon container which have a masculine veiltail betta and two African dwarf frogs. The audience is trying to put some more seafood to your container, and that i has actually a few questions: step one. Exactly how many far more seafood do we properly put? 2. Carry out a beneficial Mickey Mouse Platy be a fine tankmate? 3. I have obtained conflicting facts about neon tetras. A great. Can they live with Bettas? Otherwise do it nip the fresh new tails? B. Perform they want a full gallon per seafood? I have been advised they require step one/dos a gallon each fish.

All-depending about what is obtainable where We alive

Hello Arielle. The newest 1-gallon for every single 1-inch of seafood is actually a standard rule of thumb, which will be very beneficial for beginners to not overcrowd the habitats and you will result in worry and you may filthy h2o. You would be most appropriate incorporating kasidie Review an assortment of base, mid-height and you will body dwellers so you’re able to promote good place to have per to live a quality existence. To own an excellent 10-gallon We would not include anymore than 5 adult fish. Platies are going to be fine, but just a note that most activities is actually book thereby is the characters off bettas. Exact same goes with tetras, but they are compatible.

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