I was thinking step 1 men step one people and many snails within the a good step three girl

I was thinking step 1 men step one people and many snails within the a good step three girl

To begin with next swinging these to my community tank 55 girl. ( has 2 Hinge vs Bumble reddit mollies, 5 swordtails, dos platies, 10 + or – neons, cuatro red-eye tetras, cuatro Cory kitties, a keen alga eater and you can a giant pleco that is as much as a toes long) ought i put them together with her or can i start another tank?

We additional a couple of ghost shrimp from the tank with our women Beta, and you will she torn them to shreds. I upcoming added 4-5 Feeder Guppies within together with her, and even though she chases them around to no stop, doesn’t be seemingly looking for food them.

Easily provides an effective 10 gallon container (oval-shaped) must i accommodate step 1 Betta, good snail and dos ghost shrimp?

More than enough room, but not I would personally add more than simply 2 ghost shrimp while they fare better inside big organizations. Try out cuatro-5 of those.

Ghost shrimp are easy to take care of, cheap, and so are scavengers that will search your own container in search of too-much food to eat from the substrate. Capable mature to 1.5 in in length and you will alive for just one to just one.five years having care.

8. Ember Tetras

Immediately after adding a companion into the exact same container, display for signs of fret on your betta in addition to almost every other friends more than a couple of days. This might become decreased appetite, visible wounds (e.g. fin tearing), continuous chases, and you can very long periods out-of quarreling.

We would not highly recommend him or her to have co-existence because crab whether it had brand new betta would do some big destroy and you will betta fish have become curious. Because your tank try ten gallons, why not split the new container in half having a tank divider? Fiddler crabs you would like tank otherwise marine salt as well and want to rise off tanks a lot, let-alone needed shallow-water in addition to capacity to get on to residential property surfaces as well.

RE: Corys, you’ll find dozens of more types and you will variations offered, and though he’s high tank mates for almost people tank, they must not really feel remaining by yourself. Remaining them within the teams ( even 3 of these ) very can make a change in passion height, and only creates delighted fish imo.

This type of clear creatures are incredibly fun to watch, love moss testicle or other alive flowers which help keep container brush

Secret snails or black racing snails was ideal, and you can ghost or cherry shrimp (10+ ones). Also, browse the plant page to possess advice indeed there, and therefore will make a great ten gallon.

It’s hard for me to supply a solution to you to definitely. Your definitely discover the betta better than I actually do. A larger container ten+ gallons will change a great deal, but not, especially if you have sufficient covering up spaces and you can vegetation (alive or fake).

Hello ive got a masculine beta fish for on the a few months. He’s in the an effective ten gallon tank that have three bottom feeders. There used to getting 4-5 fluorescent tetras and another more base feeder (eco-friendly cory) however, those died while i clean brand new container a week ago. When they remained around my personal betta (Taz) try happier swimming around however, recently ive observed new finishes out of their fins clumping together. You will find attempted getting an echo before your even so they didn’t unclump. They have a heater and filter with lots of fake herbs and you will props to swimming inside and outside of and you can people into. The power into the filter out creates a great amount of latest and you can off push that go back produces him only move throughout the front side city along with his restaurants to be constantly pressed down and you may trapped with the plant life which he wont eat. You will find attempted to set a barrier upwards or drift an upside off glass together with restaurants less than nonetheless it would every float away otherwise fail. I’m not sure if i simply need to disconnect the new filter straight away and discover if it assists or exactly what. Have you got any information?

If you are enjoy guppy’s commonly an excellent tankmates for their colourful fins, do we use a black moscow guppy because the a good betta tank partner? (simply because of its ebony the color)

Good morning, I have a gorgeous men betta entitled Cas who is bringing a container posting. I’m moving your in one gallon to ten gallons, therefore it is a huge help. I happened to be searching from fish on this web site to provide Cas certain relatives and i also planned to installed a secret snail, 2-step 3 ghost shrimp, and you will 6-8 tetras (We have not decided which kind but really), is it too-much? Really don’t should overcrowd the fresh new tank, and i simply have caused step one-2 gallons prior to, so i do not actually want to mess which up. I became and planning on wanting certain real time flowers to provide into the later on when i possess everything in balance. If the anybody may help me personally that will be great, thanks!

Hello! Thanks for an eating me personally such reliable information! Some of it might have made a distinction whenever i got my personal betta in the past.

You will find a half Moonlight Yellow and Bluish Betta entitled Mory, and something small most active light snail called Thumb. Mory appears very happy, has building ripple nests. We liked reading all statements and answers! The responded the my personal concerns. We currently have a beneficial step three gallon plastic material pan. Aspiring to eventually move to 10 Gallon,whenever finances lets.

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