We are Specialized in Fair Value Measurements of Maldives Island Resorts.

We live in a world where Real Estate has become one of the core essentials of the people. We are IJVR. We undertake the Real Estate Valuation consultancy services based in the Maldives.

The team IJVR is led by a fellow member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, United Kingdom. IJVR is providing property valuation consultancy services for the biggest hotel chains and lending institutions in the Republic of Maldives. We are a professional team with a friendly working environment that is always dedicated to the professional and personal growth of the members of the firm.

We are specially dedicated to the Fair Value measurements of Maldives Island Resorts and hotel chains and other commercial developments including the PPE. We maintain a strong database that allows us to provide an accurate value estimate.


Our valuation practice coverage in the Republic of Maldives

Raa Atoll
Raa Atolls
Baa Atoll
Baa Atolls
Meemu Atoll
Meemu Atolls
Faafu Atoll
Faafu Atolls
Dhaalu Atoll
Dhaalu Atolls
Thaa. Atoll
Tha Atolls
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Valuation portfolio In Maldives

Our experience in Maldives
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IFRS - Fair value measurement
International standards of auditing - 620
International Valuation Standards Council
RICS- PS, VPS & VPGA Guidelines

What we do

Island Resort and Hotel Valuation

Hotel Valuation

Commercial Property Valuation

Residential Valuation

Real Estate Tax and Dispute Valuation

Plant and Machinery Valuation

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