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Decision and management review To ensure transparency of financial reporting standards (Sri Lanka Financial reporting standards) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting standards) requires fair value reporting of company assets, strategic decision involving merge and acquisition, Stake-sale, demerger, amalgamation requires valuation services of a reliable and competent specialist. IJVR consultancy services to clients or auditors, chartered accountants to adopts the best decision to the company. Currently, we undertake asset valuations for reputed companies in Sri Lanka as well as abroad. Bonsai Royal Hotel Hikkaduwa, Care point, Gazell Capital (Pvt) Ltd., Bodufaru Beach Resort(Private)limited (Maldives) , Gold Coin Feed mills Lanka (Private) limited. , Ceylinco General Insurance Limited , Metecno Lanka (Private) Limited, Ceylon Newspapers (Private) Limited, JAT Holdings (Private) Limited, Dinuth Ceyfoods (Pvt) Ltd. Lion Brewery, GRI (pvt) ltd, Global Sea food pvt ltd, Venture Tea Pvt Ltd are amongst our prominent clientele.

Banks and financial institutions lend money to the borrowers against mortgage of their fixed assets, which are thereafter retained as collateral security. These lenders require, inter alia, valuations of the collateral security, which are in the form of both immovable and moveable property, more commonly known as land and building, plant and machinery. It is imperative for the lenders to ensure that the value of the offered collateral securities provide adequate value of the loans beings disbursed to the borrowers. IJVR provides services to majors banks, financial and non-financial institutions in Sri Lanka, such as SDB Bank PLC, Seylan Bank PLC, Citizens Development Business PLC, State Mortgage & Investment Bank, NSB Bank PLC, EDCS, Nations Finance PLC, Mercantile Invest-ment Finance PLC, NTB Bank, RDB Bank PLC, HNB Grameen PLC., Commercial Bank PLC., Arpico Finance PLC., LTD, , Sampath Bank PLC, National Development Bank.

Plant and machinery valuation is described as the process of estimating the worth of a plant and machinery assists. The basis of valuation for a machinery valuation could be market value, equitable value or fair value. Our valuations have been reported to many of companies with international valuation standards to and utilizing best price.

A valuation report reviews objectively, examines the content, process, and disclosures of a report, to ensure that it is credible and consistent with generally accepted appraisal practices. It ensures that accuracy, quality of the report, correctness, reasonableness and completeness. IJVR has recently reviewed valuation reports for Knight Frank UAE Limited – Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Beach Residences, Saadiyat Island,Abu Dhabi, UAE.

A desktop valuation is a mode of valuing a property or business with readily available information. It is a valuation performed without a physical inspection of the property. All research is done as the name suggests, from the appraiser’s desk. IJVR have done desktop appraisal for buying purpose. Ex.Gazzel Capital (PVT) LTD.

Valuation for general purpose includes ascertaining market value for selling, buying purposes and Visa purpose (Migrate, Study and Visit). Here is determined market value of the subject property and the exact minimum transaction value on due date is provided.

LKAS (Sri Lanka Accounting Standard) 16 has strict requirements in respect of the application of the revaluation model. (Where the revaluation model is adopted, it must be applied to an entire class of assets) The Revaluation must be kept up to date such that the carrying amount of an asset does not differ significantly from it’s fair value. It is advisable revalue the assets once in every three years.


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